Horse Property Appraisals

We provide Horse Property Appraisals

Appraise Denver Xpert is uniquely prepared to evaluate horse properties, also known as equestrian properties of all different sizes. Our experiences includes equestrian properties for private use as well as properties used for income purposes.

In most ways, horse properties are quite like any other residential property as much of the same concepts and techniques relate in the appraisal process. Often buyers and sellers care much more about the number of horses that can rightfully occupy on the premises than everything else about the property.

In any marketplace, securing financing on horse property is sometimes more awkward than a traditional single family home, especially when the property has substantial acreage and features like a steady, tractor barn, indoor rings or extended turn outs.    Most lenders follow guidelines set forth by mortgage titans Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so that the loans can be sold, and placed and emphasize the comparable sales when reviewing an appraisal to determine value on horse property.

Experience handling Horse Property Appraisals

Our staff include an actual horse owner and lifelong equestrian which when combined with our vast appraisal experience and knowledge of horses permits us to specialize in the valuation of equestrian properties. In addition, we offer appraisals for farming production, leisure use properties, and also have the knowledge to appraise farm and ranch properties likewise.

With the ever changing landscape of Colorado and its continued development, the line between urban, suburban and rural property is constantly changing. This alteration is also reflected in the per acre value of your ranch or farm.

Trust us with your Horse Property Appraisal

Whether you are refinancing, buying, selling, or undergoing estate planning, let our professional hands on knowledge and experience help you in the process of determining your property’s value.

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