Five steps to quicker real estate appraisal turn times

If you worked with appraisers a decade ago, you probably know how much technologies have changed over the years. What you might not realize is that there have been many improvements in technology and online business that have enhanced turn-around times on appraisal assignments, and We are making the most of them. Are you making the most of every opportunity you have to speed up the process? Here are some suggestions.

  • Will you be ordering your appraisal online? When using online ordering, you will get automatic email acknowledgments that the job was delivered, and quick, secure .PDF format report delivery. It’s the single biggest time saver available to both of us! And we don’t need to retype info from a fax, and you don’t have to question whether we received the order.
  • Do you think you’re providing complete and accurate information on the subject property? There’s nothing like being one number off on the street address to add unnecessary time to an appraisal assignment. And should you have a tax parcel number, plat map number, subdivision name or anything more that distinctly distinguishes the property, please pass it along. We even welcome lists of recent sales in the area — though be advised that professional appraisers must always do their own research on comparable sales, and ours could differ from yours.
  • Are you letting us know in advance any details about the house or property that might make it extraordinary? Cookie-cutter properties are relatively simple to appraise. What takes some time is studying how special features add to or detract from what normally would be a property’s market value. Inform us up-front when ordering your report if there are special features of your home or surrounding area — for instance, it’s had a recent addition put on, it is subject to zoning restrictions, it’s at risk of flooding. These are typically things we’ll discover on our own anyway, and knowing them as soon as possible makes your report arrive sooner.
  • Have you made the occupants of the home aware of what to expect? One of the more time consuming parts of the appraisal process is setting an appointment with the residents of the house. Many homeowners are understandably uncomfortable with the fact a complete stranger wants to come to their house and look around and take notes. Some think they need to make the place spotless before the appraiser comes by, thinking that will make the house appraise higher. Therefore they postpone the visit until they can get around to cleaning up.
  • Will you be utilizing our website as a reference to keep track your report’s status? Telephone and fax machine tag are really a thing of the past with the latest status updates available online, at any time, day and night. As each important milestone in an assignment is completed, that information is available to you online. It’s never been easier and faster to keep up with your report’s status.

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