What happens to my home during a divorce?

Divorce is a terribly painful process and can be very confusing for both parties involved. A divorce appraisal is necessary to determine the value of your home since you are likely to sell the house and split the proceeds. Both parties involved should look into hiring a real-estate appraiser to place a value on the house. Asset division is the solution nine out of ten times when deciding the file for divorce. In many cases the home owners don’t want the burden of the memories that took place in the house once separation is decided.

Our Divorce Discretion Policy.

An appraisal report is needed when filing for divorce, the courts and other financial institutions will want to know the value of your assets including your home when filing for divorce so that an agreement can be arranged for division. When you choose to work with Appraise Denver Xpert you can expect the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We know that this is a trying and sensitive time in your life and we do everything in our power to make working with us the most comfortable experience for you.

Will you work with my Divorce Attorney during the appraisal process?

Appraise Denver Xpert has years of experience working with Divorce Lawyers and law firms during divorce proceedings. Many firms depend upon us to provide property values during these trying times.

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